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Evaluate the
Vegetation Management Program

At the end of the season, evaluate and fine-tune your program in order to improve it the next year. Some questions to ask at the end of the season might be:

1. Were the objectives of the management program met?

2. Were all the necessary components of the program actually developed?

3. Were they integrated successfully? Were the right people involved in the integration?

4. Which control methods worked and which didn't?

5. Do some of these methods need fine-tuning?

6. What kind of follow-up is needed next year?

7. How can I best communicate this information?

Cost Effectiveness
Costs are central to a decision to continue an IVM program. It is important to keep in mind that the transition period to IVM will probably involve investing in the management of infested areas to achieve stable vegetation that will reduce management costs in future years. Native plants and other beneficial vegetation take years to establish. Although you may find that total annual costs drop during the first year of IVM, it is also possible that costs may increase somewhat; however, after two or three years costs should decline and stabilize below the historical average.

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