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Canada Thistle, Gorse, Knapweeds, Leafy Spurge, Purple Loosestrife,
Purple Starthistle, Smooth Cordgrass, Tansy Ragwort, Yellow Starthistle
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Further Information

People to Contact
County Extension Agents and County Agricultural Commissioner (in the government section of your phone book).

Bureau of Land Management: Noxious Weeds:
NOTE:  This link was included in the original printed document and is no longer available.  is a link to the BLM MANUAL 9015 - INTEGRATED WEED MANAGEMENT

Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds (FICMNEW):

The BLM Presents the Weed Hall of Shame:

University of Idaho Yellow Starthistle Website:

Pesticide Education Resources-University of Nebraska:

EXTOXNET (Extension Toxicology Network) Oregon State University:

Pesticide labels and MSDS- Information Services for Agriculture:
NOTE:  This link was included in the original printed document.  It goes to the homepage and the referred information was not available based on a search of the AgInfo website as late as 10/30/2000.

Bio Collect. 5481 Crittenden St., Oakland, CA 94601; phone 510-436-8052; fax 510-532-0288.

Biological Control of Weeds (BCW). 1418 Maple Dr., Bozeman, MT 59715; 406-586-5111.

Pesticide Information Resources
Bayley, A. (Publisher). 1995 Federally Registered Pesticides. 3rd Ed. 1994. Purdue Research Foundation. North American Compendiums, Inc. Port Huron, MI.

Fay, P.K., T.D. Whitson, S.A. Dewey, and R. Sheley, eds. 1995. 1995-1996 Montana-Utah-Wyoming Weed Management Handbook. Cooperative Extension Service, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT. 245 pp.

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