Project Directors

Jack and Ben enjoy an earthrise
from the moon's surface.


We started making this model to show my son the reality of the size of the solar system. Sharing it with our community has happily enriched both our lives.


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From the dawn of humanity we have stood on the shores of space and gazed at the night sky in wonder. As science uncovers the structure of the universe, the reality of the vastness of space is more fantastic than anything the human mind could have imagined.

Space. Time. Infinity. These are the mind-stretching thoughts we think looking into a starry night sky, or laying snug in our beds at night.

One hundred billion stars in our galaxy. How many planets? How many planets with life? How many planets with intelligent life wondering how many planets with intelligent life wondering about intelligent life on other planets?

Give the raw unconnected matter of the universe 15 billion years to evolve and what you see is what you get. 15 billion years after the big bang, and WE exist. What an incredibly lucky and fantastically unlikely event!

Best wishes to all,
Jack and Ben Van Dusen

Update on Ben.

Ben continued his interest in, and love of physics. He's now a professor at Chico state in the Physics Ed Department.