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Comprehensive and integrated solutions featuring sophisticated, clean design; specializing in building websites for small and medium-sized businesses using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and jQuery with a strong emphasis on usability and accessibility across platforms and browsers.

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Inspiring ideas effective results. All aspects of the design and development process from the initial concept to the final product are done with attention to the details.  Part visual designer, information architect and computer technologist, we create custom tailored, user-friendly websites.

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- Apple tech suppport / consulting
- Design & development
- Mobile / responsive websites
- Site management
- Search engine optimization
- Digital photography
- Business cards
- Brochures / flyers

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Our customers tend to be artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses. In today's (e)conomy a website is the most cost effective way of promoting your products and services to the largest number of potential customers. Take a look around, perhaps LDwebgraphics is a good choice for your next project.

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04.16.2024 - Latest article

Good design is the tool and principle by which we craft and convey successful communications. Consequently, good design is what ultimately produces useful, convenient and simple websites. Good designers and programmers recognize the fact that design is both form and function, it's not about decoration; especially when talking about small business sites.

Web copywrite is most important—writing that is relevant, concise, easily scannable and objective. If a site's web writing does not present the information needed by users, the website provides little or no value regardless of how fast it loads or how stunning it looks.

More than 93% of Internet users indicated they favour speed and readability over appearance when visiting websites. When Internet users were asked what's likely to drive them away from a website:

  • 51.2% indicated "slow load times"
  • 42.2% specified "weak web copy"
  • 6.6% noted "poor visual presentation"

Functionality and a clear message top Internet users' desires and demands. Users are quick to hit the "back button" when pages are slow to load, implying they expect websites to deliver information rapidly without exception. For the sake of visitors, optimizing your images, streamlining the HTML and staying away from self-serving Flash intros that provide little or no value, are part of the basics of good design.