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Progesterone in Orthomolecular Medicine This book discusses the use of progesterone as it relates to hormone imbalances, and also describes some common signs and symptoms of thyroid and progesterone deficiencies. $6 plus $3.00 shipping.

Table of Contents : Progesterone's biological generality / Steroids / Thyroid / Warburg's cancer theory, cachexia, and thyroid therapy / The cervical cancer scare / Menopause and its causes / Dosage of progesterone / The progesterone deceptions / Origins of progesterone therapy / Transdermal progesterone for premenstrual syndrome / A list of signs and symptoms that respond to progesterone therapy / An efficient oral therapy


Generative Energy: Protecting and Restoring the Wholeness of Life. The general scientific and biological information that makes possible a nutritional and therapeutic reorientation. $10 plus $3.00 shipping.

Table of Contents: Part One: Aspects of Wholeness Aspects of wholeness / Another view of evolution / Vernadsky's holistic science / The centrality of anticipation / The life of nature / The ex-rainforests of the Pacific northwest

Part Two: Energy Problems / A unifying principle / Steroids / Thyroid / The stress of darkness / Pregnenolone / Restoring hair color / Arthritis and hormone balancing / The carpal tunnel syndrome / The premenstrual syndrome / Restoring fertility

Part Three: Regenerating Knowledge / Youth, energy, and regeneration / The tradition of truth / The expanding earth


Mind and Tissue: Russian Research Perspectives on the Human Brain This book offers new perspectives for expanding our scientific traditions. $10 plus $3.00 shipping.

Table of Contents : Introductions by Stanley Krippner and Peter Marin / In the spirit of matter / The image / The orienting reflex / Reflecting conditions / Doubleness and perspective / Sexual energy and the cortex of the brain / Group energy / Scrotum, brain and biological order / A visual scanning system and intentionality / Inhibition and recuperation / Hyperactivity / Implied therapeutic approaches / Ideas on electrons in cells / Brain and magnetic fields /Effect of person / Resolution and transformation / Dream energy / The flow of energy into the world / About objective consciousness (no duality) / End of science? / More generous perception


Nutrition for Women This book contains 92 short articles focusing on topics pertaining to women's health, for example, pregnancy, aging, weight loss, arthritis, nutrition and hormones, premenstrual tension, menopause, and stress. $10 plus $3.00 shipping.

Table of Contents : Sections on hormones, stress, aging, some diseases, pregnancy and children, diets, the future (philosophical and political issues)



Just Released! Dr. Peat's Most Recent Book -

From PMS to Menopause: Female Hormones in Context Understanding the subject of female sexuality and health scientifically means going against the current of both conventional medicine and alternative medicine. In this book a variety of problem areas affecting women from childhood to old age are considered in detail. $12 plus $3.00 shipping.

Table of Contents: Part One: Estrogen in Context / Estrogen: The pill-simply dangerous. / Estrogen: The hoax of "replacement"/ Aging ovaries: Not the eggs. / Menopause and its causes. / Not the "female hormone."/ Just one problem: Clots

Part Two: Progesterone in Context / Symptoms that respond to progesterone therapy. / The origins of progesterone therapy/ Antiaging hormones: Steroids in general. / Youth-associated hormones / Thyroid. / Progesterone's biological generality. / Dosage. / An efficient oral therapy / Transdermal therapy for PMS / The progesterone deceptions

Part Three: "Mysterious" Diseases in Context / Preserving tissues: Osteoporosis and the skin / Natural hormones and arthritis / The cervical cancer scare and other approaches to cancer / Warburg's cancer theory and thyroid / Migraine, varicose veins, and epilepsy / Nerves / Alzheimer's disease / Eclampsia in the real organism

Part Four: Some Products in Context / Estriol & phytoestrogens / Using sunlight to enhance life / Unsaturated oils: Toxic and estrogenic / The dangers of iron: Exacerbated by estrogen / Coconut oil / A logical diet / conclusion


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