Welcome to the Suburban Renewal Project


This is a web page devoted to personal and cooperative initiatives for healthy living.  In these pages, you will see a variety of approaches to making better use of on site resources such as soil, sun, rain and imagination. Your comments are welcome. I would like to hear from you. Scroll down to bypass text and go to page selections.

Most people will agree that modern life includes benefits and downsides.  Our life styles do not have to be a package deal. The macro culture has much of value to offer. Choosing what is healthy and avoiding what is not is a revealing process.  Smart choices can lead to a healthier environment, enhanced economic self determination, a greater sense of community, more time to do what we want to do and a lot of fun!

As a society, we are way out on a limb.  We use resources and produce waste in ways and at rates that are not healthy for the planet nor the social fabric.  Both the environment and our social interactions could benefit immensely if we made better choices that made sense with consideration for the future. [Not to mention the present]  Public policy cannot be depended upon to lead us in healthier directions.  People at the level of individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities are far more able to respond to changing economic, social and environmental circumstances. When we factor in a political system that is under the virtual control of the very sources of so many of our problems, we had best look to ourselves, friends and neighbors.

At this site, you will see some of the changes being made at a nothing special suburban house. This place was chosen because it is nothing special. The suburbs feature many economic, social, environmental, political and transportaion attributes that are increasingly difficult to afford. This project is intended to demonstrate a better use of what already exists. Common sense would suggest as a society, we move away from this type of land use. Punch here for images of surburban history, facts and figures and graphics

Suburban renewal almost always complements and enhances social relations and the spirit as well.  The project's ideals are to be creative in design, resourceful in use of materials and responsible to outcomes. Principles of Permaculture are evident. For sure, I see this project as rather ahead of the curve [comparatively] and the strategies used here can be applied elsewhere. Within the context of current social, economic, political and environmental circumstance, the benefits of this kind of project will only become greater.  Note, I am available for slide show presentations relating to suburban land use issues.

Please have a look at an article I wrote last summer for Architecture Week.  The article explains in magazine format the suburban renewal project I am working on and includes fotos.  The online magazine contains an extensive archive of issues and articles relating to architecture and the environment. Also, I welcome comments. Please let me know your thoughts and if you have experience or are aware of similar projects elsewhere.

This page has links to a several items that are parts of the Suburban Renewal Project. Punch the topic you like. All the pages are linked to each other.


Site Description- Site graphic, description, "before" photos.


Car port conversion- Turning a one car sized carport into a passive solar assisted living space


Sheet Mulching- Doing away with a grassy yard


Driveway- Removing an oversized driveway


Water- Catching, storing, using rainwater


Coldframes- Becoming familiar with three types of coldframes


Water features and habitat- Learning about creating water features and habitat


Solar- Making use of low cost solar design


Food-Taking more care of food needs