I Tech designs
Appropriate Technology for Small and Subsistence Farms
PO Box 413, Veneta, OR 97487, USA

All I Tech designs are public domain, a gift to humanity

These I Tech files are also located at University of California, Davis
 <http://ltras.ucdavis.edu/files>; and
 <http://www.sarep.ucdavis.edu/rr/education-and-outreach/itech-appropriate-technology-for-small-and subsistence-farms/ >
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Bean: Growing organic black beans in Veneta, Oregon: (western Oregon, 17 miles west of Eugene)  Planting dates, fertilizer, weed cultivations, harvest and post harvest (295 kb, 10/2009b)        .pdf
Food dryer:   Farm-scale food dehydrator. (88 kb, 11/1998 updated 11/2009)       .pdf
Food dryer:   Solar tunnel food dryer.  DIY*: plans for a solar tunnel food dryer. This is a modified Hohenheim University design, optimized using the Penman-Monteith evapotranspiration equation.  The solar dryer maximizes the exposure of products to sunlight with unobstructed air flow to remove water vapor; it does not maximize temperature inside the dryer.  (492 kb 3/2008, updated 7/2014 )      .pdf
Garlic:  Hand operated garlic trimmer. (15 kb, 8/1999)
Grain huller:  Grain huller for rice, spelt wheat, quinoa and millet.  DIY: plans for converting a hand mill to a grain huller (71 kb, 8/1989)    .pdf
Grain huller: Centrifugal huller for sunflower and naked barley seeds.  DIY: convert a kitchen sink garbage disposer into a grain huller  (165 kb, 1/2010)         .pdf
Grain thresher:  Conversion of a leaf shredder/wood chipper to a grain thresher.  DIY: plans for a grain thresher suitable for amaranth, bean,oat, rice, wheat etc.(263 kb, 8/1994 updated 11/2009)       .pdf
Insulation: Skylight insulation:  3 ways to increase the insulation of home skylights (73 kb, 6/2005)    .pdf
Pests:   Enhanced electronic black light bug zapper. (44 kb, 11/2000, updated 11/2009)    .pdf
Pests:   Mouse guard: a non climb barrier strip against mice using oil coated aluminum foil tape (130 kb, 3/2007b)    .pdf
Pests:   Protecting trees from nutria  (84 kb, 6/2005)    .pdf
Seed cleaner:   Hand operated screen seed cleaner.  DIY: plans for a shaker screen seed cleaner.  Machine is easy to clean, between change of seed type or seed lot   (603 kb, 3/2014)           latest addition    .pdf
Seed storage:    Hand operated vaccum packing system for seed storage (15 kb, 11/1989)    .pdf
Weed control:   Flex tine cultivator conversion: DIY: convert a spike tooth harrow to a tine cultivator (367 kb, 1/2007)    .pdf
Weed control:   Propane flame weed burners (147 kb, 2/1997, updated 11/2009)       .pdf
Weed control:   Serrated hand hoe and mower blades (31 kb, 8/1991)    .pdf
Weed control:   Weeding spade (47 kb, 2/1996)    .pdf
Winnower:   Farm scale electric winnower: DIY: seed cleaner using air to separate seeds from chaff (207kb,12/2005)    .pdf
Winnower:   Hand operated winnower (12 kb, 2/1986)    .pdf
Winnower:   Small electric winnower (9kb, 2/1986)    .pdf
* DIY:  "Do it yourself", make your own equipment